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  1. Expansion near I-75 and Ossie Murphy Road

    Another expansion near I-75. Old Pasco Road re-reoute extension under review.The future four-lane roadway alignment will also include bicycle and pedestrian amenities. Pasco County Engineering Services foresee an approximate 1.25 mile, four-lane divided urban section, whereby Old Pasco Road would stretch from the State Road 52/Old Pasco Road intersection, and Ossie Murphy Road would extend eastward under the recently built I-75 bridge overpass.


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  2. Proposed Zephyrhills Kossik Rd to Old Pasco project

    Proposed Zephyrhills Kossik Rd to Old Pasco project

    Proposed improvements to the existing Overpass Road and Kossik Road segments, the connection of these segments on new alignment, and the addition of an interchange at Overpass Road with Interstate 75 in Pasco County,

  3. Farmers Market

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     The theme of the August 12 San Antonio Farmers Market will be “Dog Days in the Park"

     The Rotary Club of San Antonio, sponsor of the Market, is taking applications
    from vendors of pet-related items and services. This includes pet stores, pet food and
    clothes, pet groomers and sitters, adoption services, pet demonstrations, animal
    hospitals and veterinarians, etc.

    The Farmers Market is held from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00
    p.m. the second Saturday of each month in the San Antonio City Park. Vendor fee is
    $25. Non-profit agencies are eligible for complementary vendor spaces.

    For more information and an application, contact Rotary Club President Winnie Burke at
    352-437-5161 or email .
    The Rotary Club of San Antonio meets every Tuesday from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the
    clubhouse of Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. Visitors are always welcome.

  4. Rattlesnake Festival is Back!

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    rattle snake festival
    The Snake Continues to Rattle!

    Even though at the beginning of Feb. 2017 the Rotary Club of San Antonio announced a discontinuation of the San Antonio’s annual Rattlesnake Festival and Run, the beginning of Mar. brings new hope for the event as a new organizer decided to take over the management of the festival.

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    The Thomas Promise Foundation has become the savior of the event of which tradition goes back to 1967, according to an article published in The Laker Lutz News on Mar. 1.

    According to the Tampa Bay Times, the chairwoman and former Rotary president, Betty Burke, said that organizing the event has become difficult due to the growing popularity of competing events and the lack of sponsors, as well as volunteers. Burke indicated that the Rotary Club of San Antonio had just 15 members, and organizing the event has become to challenging for the organization.

    Betty Burke said, “It’s kind of a bittersweet thing for us – a difficult moment for some of us,’ 

  5. Lake House Karate Celebrates 54 Year of Martial Arts

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    . The Lake House Martial Art School was founded in 1982. Chartered in 1983, and became independent in 1994. We moved the school in 2013 to a new location, and it continues to be recognized as the exception in education, experience & excellence