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  1. Rattlesnake Festival is Back!

    rattle snake festival
    The Snake Continues to Rattle!

    Even though at the beginning of Feb. 2017 the Rotary Club of San Antonio announced a discontinuation of the San Antonio’s annual Rattlesnake Festival and Run, the beginning of Mar. brings new hope for the event as a new organizer decided to take over the management of the festival.

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    The Thomas Promise Foundation has become the savior of the event of which tradition goes back to 1967, according to an article published in The Laker Lutz News on Mar. 1.

    According to the Tampa Bay Times, the chairwoman and former Rotary president, Betty Burke, said that organizing the event has become difficult due to the growing popularity of competing events and the lack of sponsors, as well as volunteers. Burke indicated that the Rotary Club of San Antonio had just 15 members, and organizing the event has become to challenging for the organization.

    Betty Burke said, “It’s kind of a bittersweet thing for us – a difficult moment for some of us,’ 

  2. Lake House Karate Celebrates 54 Year of Martial Arts

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    . The Lake House Martial Art School was founded in 1982. Chartered in 1983, and became independent in 1994. We moved the school in 2013 to a new location, and it continues to be recognized as the exception in education, experience & excellence

  3. San Antonio's Newest City Commissioner

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    Eric Stallworth isSan Antonio's newest city commissioner.
     Stallworth is an
    Adjunct Professor at 
    St Leo University

  4. Epperson Ranch and Lagoon


    Epperson Ranch will have a new Park Place which will be the first community in the U.S. to feature Crystal Lagoon, a man-made 8-acre swimming pool with its own private beach. The project proposes to construct a 3,904 unit residential development with associated roads, sidewalks and stormwater ponds on the site. Project plans call for the construction of a total of 27 residential units, an internal road and stormwater pond.


  5. Heritage Bee Farm


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